Terms and Conditions

1.0 Ordering
1.1 Requests can be sent to us by e-mail.
1.2 Ordering procedure : 1.Request  2.Offer  3.Order  4.Confirmation  5.Payment  6.Reservation  7.Preparation  8.Delivery
1.3 Minimum requests :  Trees&Shrubs : 50 pcs.  |  Perennials : 1 box .
1.4 Prices are in € per piece , exclusive commission, exclusive II service* per box, exclusive V.A.T.
1.5 The plant prices and II service prices in our confirmation are valid.

2.0 Delivery
2.1 All deliveries take place on Incoterms EX-Works (EXW) conditions.
2.2 Orders placed in the delivery season can be delivered within two weeks after order confirmation.
2.3 Availability and delivery under reserve of : Crop results, quality restrictions, growers readiness, payment, force majeure.
2.4 Customs- and phytosanitary documents and regulations are importer's responsibility.

3.0 Payment
3.1 Payment is to be done within one working day after order confirmation.
3.2 The balance of payments, orders and deliveries will be registered on a separate account.
3.3 Varieties will be reserved after payment. Late payment may result in unavailability of varieties.
3.4 Failure to pay is being considered as order cancellation at risk and cost of the client.

4.0 Guarantee
4.1 We guarantee to deliver strong and sustainable planting material.
4.2 Complaints can be sent by e-mail and will be investigated.

5.0 General conditions
5.1 All is according Dutch Dacha Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise confirmed.
5.2 No rights can or may be obtained from information or goods we provide.
5.3 Propagation of all of our planting material is forbidden, this has to be forwarded as a chain clause.
5.4 All official communication goes via email.
5.5 Dutch Dacha is liable only for itself, works by it's own rules, and accepts no financial claims.
5.6 Our additional Terms and Conditions are available upon request.

 *II service : International Intermediary service surcharge in € per box.
 Last updated 15-04-2019

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