2008, March
Dutch Dacha is being founded, being the exporting branch of a flowerbulb nursery.
The export focuses on the Russian market.

2012, November
The company from now on fully focuses on trading and exporting.
The assortment of flowerbulbs is expanded with a/o perennial planting material.
Within some years new clients from all over Europe are being welcomed.

2018, June
The company switches to an assortment more aligned to landscaping :
Perennial planting material and tree nursery planting material.

2019, February
Change of trading methods into the international intermediary concept,
finally resulting in the creation of Dutch Planting Material .com and Europe Green.

2019, December
Dutch Planting Material and Europe Green now operating under their own names.

2020, January
Dutch Dacha continues, providing storage and transshipment services for planting material.